Since 2014 Project Gambia has supported a school located in a very poor village called Madiana. Over the past 2 years we have refurbished classrooms and provided much needed school resources and equipment.

In March 2105 we were saddened to see that the nursery children were being taught in a classroom that consisted of corrugated sheet walls and a roof made of branches. Fifty children were being taught in a very small space with no tables or chairs and small pieces of wood to write on. In November 2015 Project Gambia shipped out 150 tables and 300 chairs to the school along with boxes and boxes of school resources. When we visited in April 2016 it was fantastic to see the tables and chairs in the classrooms making such a difference to the education of the children there.


The land for the market garden.

The village at Madiana is a very poor community struggling to survive. Since March 2015 we have raised funds to develop a farm which will not only enable the villagers to grow crops for food, but also provide crops to sell to help pay for their children to attend school. During our visit in April 2016 we saw the 200m x 220m piece of land that has been secured for the farm. When we left, the villagers were already starting to clear the land and put up fences.

In August 2016 the fences were in place and crops were staring to be planted. When we visit in April 2017 there will be a well established market garden which will feed the whole community.


The fences erected at the market garden.

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