Meet Oumie, She is 5 years old. She shares a 2 roomed house with 15 other people. They have no electricity or clean, running water. Her family live on less than £2 a day; if she is lucky she has one meal a day. During the rainy season the house is often flooded which means that some nights they stand up all night as they have nowhere to sleep. The stagnant water increases her risk of catching Malaria. Oumie's brother died of typhoid and three of her friends currently have Malaria. They could not afford the 7p needed to get medical help.

Mariama was 10 years old, she was sent home from school with a stomach upset. Unable to afford any medical care she died the following day.

6 year old Neneh, also complained of her stomach hurting. She did not return to school as she tragically died 3 days later.

Unfortunately stories like this are all too common in The Gambia. Many of these children live on the edge of a rubbish dump in dirty and unhygienic conditions. It is no surprise that many of them become ill. Skin diseases, malaria and diarrheal illness are common, illnesses that can be easily treated with simple and cheap medicine. However families cannot afford even the most basic medical care so far too often the inevitable happens and these vulnerable children die.

Project Gambia is making a difference to the lives of these children.

Working with Newlife Children's Centre and Clinic International a clinic has been set up which will provide free medical care to children who attend the schools at Half Dye and Kanifing. We also provide the clinic with much needed medical supplies and equipment.

In 2015 through Newlife Children's Centre Project Gambia employed Paulina Gomez, a school nurse to provide medical care and health education in the schools at Half Dye and Kanifing.


Medical Supplies

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