Project Gambia 2017 Photo Highlights Video- May 2017

Click on the image to see the photo highligths video from Project Gambia 2017

Project Gambia 2017 Report - May 2017

Read this years trip report reviewing our work form the last 10 years by clicking on the image below.

2017 gallery2017 gallery2017 gallery

Project Gambia 2017 Photo Gallery - April 2017

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2017 gallery

Midwife employed at the medical centre in Sintet - March 2017

Jabang and Saikou presenting to resources sent in the container Malang the midwife at Sintet medical centre The people of Sintet say a big thank you to everyone who has donated.

Feb _Newsletter
Feb _Newsletter
Feb _Newsletter
Feb _Newsletter

Project Gambia Newsletter - February 2017

Read our latest news and plans for Project Gambia 2017 - click the image to download a PDF version

Feb _Newsletter
Feb _Newsletter
Feb _Newsletter
Feb _Newsletter

Ridgewood High School Mannequin Challenge - December 2016

Over 200 students took part in the Mannequin challenge to raise money for Project Gambia. Well done to all those who stayed still!

Bag packing at Tescos in Stourbridge - November 2016

We took a team of volumteers to Tesco to bag pack and raised over £800 for Project Gambia

Bag Packing
Bag Packing
Bag Packing

Volunteers pack a 40ft container full of resources to the shipped to The Gambia - November 2016

Any army of volunteers turned out on a cold November morning to help pack up the container. Thank you to everyone who helped and donated.

Pallet Packing
Pallet Packing
Pallet Packing

Shoebox appeal deemed a great success - October 2016

A team of volunteers spent time packing and wrapping a mountain of shoe boxes ready to ship out to The Gambia. Thank you to everyone who helped and donated.


Hannah Williams sells her own art to riase money for Project Gambia - October 2016

Hannah travelled to Norfolk in October to put her own artwork on display to the public with all proceeds going to Project Gambia

Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams

Project Gambia launches the 2016 shoebox appeal - September 2016

In October we launched our annual shoebox appeal.

Shoebox Appeal
Shoebox Appeal
Shoebox Appeal

Madiana Market Garden fence construction - August 2016

After visiting Madiana in March we agreed to support to locals in building a market garden to crow and sell crops. Work on the fence has now been completed.
Madiana Fence
Madiana Fence
Madiana Fence
Madiana Fence

Madiana Fence
Madiana Fence
Madiana Fence

Project Gambia 2016 Photo Gallery Now Live - June 2016

The 2016 photo gallery is now live and a link add to the image below as well as on the photos pages within the media section of thw website.


School Nurse Annual Report - June 2016

Since 2015 Project Gambia has supported the employment of Paulina Gomez, a school nurse. Paulina works in the Newlife Children's Centres at Kanifing and Half Dye.


Click on the image or here to read the report

Solar Pump - Sintet Farm - May 2016

The pump is up and running and 20,000 litres of water per day is being pumped into Sintet farm. The pipeline has been extended into the village to provide drinking water for all.

Click here or on the image to see the pipeline gallery

This year when we visited The Gambia we were thrilled to see the 'Well of Life' in action. Over £12000 had been raised and it was incredible to see the solar panel, pumping water from a 24 metre borehole into the 4 large water tanks. These 4 tanks, holding 2000 litres of water each, feed the 6 taps on the farm, enabling the villagers to grow crops all year round. However, this is not the end of the story. Work in Sintet has continued and over the past 2 weeks Project Gambia has supported another pipe to be attached to the borehole. The villagers have worked hard digging trenches, laying pipes and installing the 16 taps which will provide fresh, clean drinking water. Water is now being pumped 1.5 km from the borehole to the village. The villagers no longer have to drink water from the dirty wells but have clean drinking water for the first time! Karamo one of our friends in Sintet writes: 'Finally the water is running, unbelievable the villagers cannot believe it. They said they are so delighted that lots of them were in tears. It was very emotional. A very, very big thank you to everyone behind the realisation of this dream. Thank you a million times. This is the message from the villagers.'

Click here to read the Stourbridge News page

Project Gambia 2016 Photo Highlights - April 2016

Project Gambia 2016, The Best One Yet - April 2016

With the Stourbridge News giving us their front page and a record 87 people attending the trip this year it truly has been the best one yet.

Visit our Stourbridge News page



Project Gambia 2016 Report - April 2016

The 2016 report has been written click on the image to read it.

PG2016 report image

Well of Life Water tower is complete - February 2016

The water tower at Sintet farm has been built and connected to the solar powered pump ready for our visit in March.


Write Size supports Project Gambia - February 2016

Write Size, a company who have developed a range of writing pencils to help children learn and improve their writing skills will be donating a range of these pencils to the schools in we work with in The Gambia. This donation will make not only have a significant impact on the education of the children but will also make a huge difference to the schools who have very few resources. Some of these pencils will go to the school at Madiana where many of the nursery children when we visited last March were writing on blocks of wood. Look out for photos and videos of us giving out the pencils when we visit in the next few weeks. We are delighted that Write Size have committed to supporting us on a long term basis and would like to thank them for their support and generosity. For more details visit their website


Competition Plaque Winner Announced - January 2016

Sharna from Rufford Primary is the winner of the 'Well of Life' plaque competition, her winning design will be made and installed onto the pump during our visit in March. The design commemorates Mustapha who sadly died falling down a well in his compound.

The installation of the Solar powered water pump gets started - December 2015

THANKS to the overwhelming generosity of Stourbridge News readers, a village in Africa has received the greatest Christmas gift of all.


Donated Books and Supplies arrive at Madiana School - December 2015




Life Changing Donation to Gambian schoolchildren - November 2015

SCHOOLCHILDREN in The Gambia will now be able to work in comfort after a Halesowen primary school donated hundreds of tables and chairs. Following Newfield Park Primary School’s decision to replace more than 150 tables and 300 chairs, the school contacted Ridgewood High School, in Wollaston, to see if the Project Gambia initiative could put their old furniture to good use. To get the large donation across to Africa, leaders of Project Gambia had to hire a 40ft container so the load can be delivered to a school in Madiana.


Christmas Shoeboxes ready for go! - November 2015

Stourbridge News have launched a competition to design a plaque for the new Solar Pump and Well at Sintet farm in The Gambia.









Mustapha Well of Life - October 2015

Stourbridge News have launched a competition to design a plaque for the new Solar Pump and Well at Sintet farm in The Gambia.

Read the Stoubridge News Article here


Nurse Employed at the Clinc - October 2015

We have funded the appointment of a new nurse Paulian Gomez, she will be working at Kanifing and Half Dye schools providing essential and free medical care for those in need. Read the Stourbridge News article here.


Half Dye School rebuilt coming along - September 2015

After months of hard work the rebuild of Half Dye school is making great progress, the ground floor is almost complete and students will be able to move into brand new classrooms soon.


Project Gambia 2015 video now available - August 2015

video button

Project Gambia 2015 Video Highlights is now live.

Well of Life bore hole has been dug - July 2015

The borehole at Sintet farm has been dug and we have met our target of raising £10,000 for the Well of life Appeal with Stourbridge News.

Click on the image to view a Gallery of the Well in Sintet.


Project Gambia 2015 report and photo slideshow - May 2015

Project Gambia 2015 report has been published as well as the 2015 Photo slideshow.


Distribution of more mosquito nets and solar lights - April 2015

Even though Project Gambia 2015 is over the giving just keeps on going and more of our Mosquito nets and Nokero solar lights were given out to families in the half dye area.

solar7 Click on the image to view the Mosquito Net and Solar light gallery


Project Gambia 2015 photo gallery now available - April 2015

All the photos from the 2015 trip



Project Gambia 2015 live Blog - March 2015

During this years trip students with be sharing their own thoughts and experiences daily to our Blog. Click the image bleow to view our blog.



Local Primary schools raise money for Project Gambia - March 2015

Local primary schools including Hob Green, Rufford, Amblecote, The Ridge, St James's and Ham Dingle Primary Schools have been raising money and collecting resources for the Clinic. So far the total rasied is £2202 which will pay for a qualified nurse for ulmost two years.


To read the Stourbridge News article click here


Stourbridge news and project gambia join forces - March 2015

Partnership with Stourbridge News

Stourbridge news have set up an appeal in conjunction with Project Gambia and would like to raise £10,000 in order to set up a well to support the farm in Sintet village. Click here to read the full article which appeared on the front page of the Stourbridge new on Thursday 5th March 2015.

The newspaper has also set up a Just Giving page so that donations can be made directly towards their appeal. Click here to visi the Well Of Life Just Giving page.



Project Gambia becomes and registed charity - February 2015

Project Gambia has become a register charity and set up its own Just Giving Page.

Donate with JustGiving



New life children's centre clinic video - January 2015

During the April 2015 trip Ridgewood High School students will begin work on the redevlopment of the clinic near to Kotusilo village with the support of the New Life Children's centre. During their vist in late 2014 volunteers of New life created a video about the clinic.


Half Dye Redevelopment - January 2015

The redevelopment of Half Dye school is well underway whilst students and teachers are currently working in temporary classrooms. Click on the images below to see the half dye school as it was before, the temporary classrooms and the artists model of what the new school will look like.

Click on the image to view the Half Dye redevelopment gallery.

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