July 2022

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Building work begins at Wisdom Nursery School

Building work has now started on Wisdom Nursery School. Established in 2009 the aim of the school is to provide an education for poorer children in the Serrekunda area. Squeezed into a small triangular plot in between high-rise residential buildings it caters for 90 children in 3 classes. Classrooms are very small with very little furniture and are in need of urgent refurbishment. There is no running water so that water, which the school must pay for, has to be carried from a neighbouring compound.

However, thanks to Kings Hawford School in Worcester who raised £3000 we have begun refurbishment of the school. The roof has been replaced, classroom floors will be re-concreted, windows put in classrooms and the front of the school retiled. A water tap has already been installed and a canopy to give the children some shade will be built.

Emmanuel, who runs the school writes: ‘On behalf of the management committee and pupils of the school I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing joy and happiness to the school. We are proud that we now have tap water after 14 years of existing. Struggling to get water everyday is over.’