Madiana Market Gardens

The village at Madiana is a very poor community struggling to survive. During one of our visits the villagers explained to us how they were struggling to feed their families as they had no land to farm to grow crops. With funding and support from Project Gambia and our Gambian partners, 3 areas of land were fenced off. These are now working market gardens. A variety of vegetables and fruit are being grown including onions, bananas, sorrel and tomatoes. One of these gardens is being farmed by an 89 year old woman from Mali, whilst the other 2 are farmed by widowers who, without the gardens, would not have enough food. The market gardens not only provide food for the local community but also provide vegetables and herbs which are sold at the market. The money from these crops is used to pay for their children to attend school.

The community have now asked for our help in supporting a large garden that over 100 women would be able to grow crops on. The community need support in fencing the perimeter of the garden to prevent cows and goats from getting in and eating all the crops. Support is also needed to build a market area where the women can sell the crops they grow on the garden.