Sponsor a Child Programme

Since 2019 our ‘Sponsor a Child Programme’ has enabled children who are not able to afford school fees to attend school.

We currently sponsor children at the following schools:

Wisdom Nursery School

During our visit to The Gambia in February 2023 we met 4 year old twins and their sister begging on the streets with their father. We discovered that these girls didn’t attend school and most days would only eat a small amount of food in the evening. We immediately arranged for them to start attending Wisdom Nursery School. This would mean that not only would they receive an education but also a nutritious meal each day through our school feeding programme.

During our trip we also visited the homes of some of the children who attend the school. Many of them live in extremely small one room accommodation and in very basic conditions. The families struggle to pay school fees and buy food for their families. In March 2023 to support these families we launched a ‘Sponsor a Child Programme’ at the school.

Omega School

In May 2022 a new sponsorship programme was started to support Omega School. The school is a small nursery school in Sinchu Sorrie, Kombo North, which is in the west coast region of The Gambia.

Established in 2015 the school’s aim is to give poorer children in the Sinchu Sorrie area an opportunity to attend school. There are currently 194 children in the school which has 9 classes: Nursery 1 -3 and Grades 1-6.

Hanne Vibe School

The Hanne Vibe School is located in the Sancheba area of The Gambia. The school, has 6 classrooms and approximately 125 pupils. Mrs Singateh, the head teacher, was a School Monitor (equivalent to an OFSTED inspector in the UK) for the area. As many of the children struggled to pay school fees, she had been funding the school through her own finances. However, when she retired she was unable to continue do this and subsequently the school struggled financially and provide the resources needed to run the school.

Sponsoring a child costs £10-15 a month (depending on the school) which pays for school fees, uniform and books. Sponsors receive photos of their sponsor child, termly reports and any letters/cards/ pictures etc which the children give us when we visit.

For more information about the programme and/or if you would like to sponsor a child please email Bev Hodt: bevhodt@projectgambia.org.uk

More information about these schools can be found in the schools section of the website.