Hanne Vibe School

The Hanne Vibe School is located in the Sancheba area of The Gambia. The school, has 6 classrooms and approximately 125 pupils. Mrs Singateh, the head teacher, was a School Monitor (equivalent to an OFSTED inspector in the UK) for the area. As many of the children struggled to pay school fees, she had been funding the school through her own finances. However, when she retired she was unable to continue do this and subsequently the school struggled to pay teachers and provide resources. The school had very few resources: the classrooms needed refurbishing and the broken-up floors in classrooms and the outside yard needed replacing.

Refurbishment of the School

Since 2018 teams visiting the school have painted and decorated the inside of all the classrooms and the outside walls, floors in the classrooms and the outside yard area have been replaced and with the help of Peters’ Hill Primary School and Mount Pleasant Primary School we have been able to purchase playground toys. A new toilet block has also been built.

During COVID lockdown we paid teachers’ salaries and have provided reading books, pens, pencils and other school equipment, furniture and resources. Each year Christmas shoeboxes are also given to every child in the school.

Sponsor a Child Programme

To support the children who were struggling to pay school fees in 2019 Project Gambia established a ‘Sponsor a Child Programme’. We currently sponsor 44 children in the school.