Health Centre

Mulang Kujabi

Mulang is a midwife at Sintet Health Centre.  He works very long hours and is very often the only midwife available in Sintet. The nearest hospital is 35km away, making it inaccessible for many. The clinic provides antenatal and postnatal care, an immunisation programme, child health services, and family planning.  Working in very basic conditions with very few resources, Mulang can deliver up to 30 babies a month. On one of our visits to Sintet Health Centre we met a baby girl who had been born only 10 hours earlier. Her mother was very ill after giving birth and she was unable to feed the baby. There was no formula milk available in Sintet, so we immediately drove to several nearby villages to find some milk, but were not able to find any. Fortunately, the midwife at the clinic managed to get mum to feed baby and next morning one of our Gambian friends did the 3 hour journey to Sintet with milk. Mum and baby are now doing well. This situation highlighted to us the need to provide the clinic with the resources and medical supplies needed for such emergencies.Project Gambia is currently working with medical professionals to provide medical supplies and equipment to the Health Centre. The leaking roof of the antenatal and delivery ward has been replaced. The provision of ‘baby packs’ for all new babies born at the Health Centre has seen the reduction in home deliveries and consequently has reduced the infant mortality rate.

How can you help?

Donate £10, so every baby gets the start in life they deserve. We will use your donation to put together a ‘baby pack’, consisting of long-sleeve sleep suits, short-sleeve baby suits/vests, 6 nappies, a blanket, socks and a pack of baby wipes.

Donations can be made online. 

By donating new and used baby clothes. (We also collect baby, children and adult clothes and shoes to distribute in some of the poor communities we work in.)

The container has arrived in The Gambia with baby packs inside