Work in the UK

Although fundraising for all our projects in the Gambia is vital to what we do; equally important to us is engaging adults, young people and children in then UK in this work and in doing so helping them to make not only a difference to other people lives but also their own.

Trips to The Gambia

Each year Project Gambia organises several trips to The Gambia. This is a vital part of the work we do as it enables students and staff from a number of schools and colleges, along with local community members, to work in partnership with Gambian communities to make a significant difference in a variety of settings to the lives of the Gambian people. This not only changes the lives of people in The Gambia but also of those of us who visit The Gambia, so that Project Gambia is consistently achieving its objective of “changing lives…including yours.”

Community Groups

Many community groups invite us to share with them about the work we do. We appreciate the way that they then support us through donations of clothes, shoes, school resources, Christmas shoeboxes etc, as well as fundraising for our latest projects.

Schools Work

An important part of our work is the work we do in UK schools and colleges.

Through assemblies and lessons we introduce pupils to what life is like for children in The Gambia and support staff to embed global learning into the curriculum. Our aim is to enable the children to explore what being a global citizen means and to be able to respond in a positive way and subsequently to see the impact of their response.

We provide schools the opportunity to partner with one of the schools in The Gambia and children often share videos, write letters and support their partner schools in lots of different ways e.g. sending Christmas shoeboxes, filling pencils cases, sponsoring a child to go to school, swapping a treat to raise funds for the food programme as well as donating books, uniform, shoes, schools resources and equipment etc.