January 2023

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The Container arrives in The Gambia

Clothes and shoes are distributed in Kotusilo

Built on the edge of a rubbish dump, Kotusilo is a poor village without running water or electricity. The villagers live in overcrowded, basic and unsafe conditions: many of the houses are made from mud and it is not uncommon for them to fall down during the rainy season. When visiting Kotusilo, adults and children can be seen on the rubbish dump, often with bare feet, scavenging for anything they can reuse or sell.

Christmas Shoeboxes are distributed

Children at Wisdom Nursery School and St Peters Nursery School were excited to receive their Christmas shoeboxes.

Many of the children we work with do not have any toys.

This year we shipped nearly 1000 shoeboxes.

New tables and chairs for the schools

Schools in The Gambia have very few resources and children have to make do with sitting on broken chairs and working at broken tables. Thanks to donations from Stourbridge schools we were able to ship over 100 new tables and 200 chairs.

These were shared between St Peter’s Nursery School, Wisdom Nursery School and Omega School.