Kotusilo Community

Built on the edge of a rubbish dump, Kotusilo is a poor community without running water or electricity. The people who live there live in overcrowded, basic and unsafe conditions: many of the houses are made from mud and it is not uncommon for them to fall down during the rainy season.

When visiting Kotusilo, adults and children can be seen on the rubbish dump, often with bare feet, scavenging for anything they can reuse or sell.

Living next to the rubbish dump means that the families who live there are extremely vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and infections. In the rainy season they are at very high risk of malaria.

Project Gambia has been supporting the community who live here since 2008. Each year we ship out hundreds of items of clothing, shoe and blankets that our partners in The Gambia distribute.

Through the ‘Let’s See Red’ and ‘Light up Kotu’ Projects we have provided reusable sanitary pads and hundreds of solar lights.

Each year when trips of students and adults visit The Gambia with us they spend time distributing mosquito nets and toiletries to families.

Information on what we collect and ship to The Gambia can be found in the support us section.